Babcock unveil Better Governor

At the Heads and Governors day 19th November Babcockprime unveiled Better Governor, this free to register service will be of use to all Governors. It is aimed squarely at the Worcestershire School community. Whilst there are alternate commercial offerings in the market place this is part of the new look L&A service, give it a try, feedback any thoughts good or bad , this is a service for Governors and we can input into content and service delivery. WAG has been consulted and will have a monitoring role going forward, remember ‘ Use it or Lose it’ , it’s up to us to make it a success.

To register for ‘free; click here…Register here

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Babcockprime Service Introductions

18th and 19th of November  see the roll out of the new Babcockprime/Worcestershire County Council education services. Heads and Governors are invited to attend at Worc’s Warriors , Sixways Stadium and Stanbrook Abbey on the 19th as appropriate.

Full details are available at : event details

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MAT Workshop with Anthony Collins LLP

17th November saw 36 Governors attend the first of two Multi Academy Trust workshops at The Stables HQ, despite Barney’s best efforts a safe and successful evening was had by all.

A hot and cold buffet with refreshments welcomed the hardy delegates. Malcolm Richards – Association Chair introduced the guest speakers from Anthony Collins LLP and set the scene with a National update calling on his recent meeting and  interactions with the West Midlands RSC and NGA colleagues. The special demographic nature and Stakeholder profile in Worcestershire influenced the content of his address. This was particularly welcome to the Faith School attendees. Following ….. Continue reading

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Learning And Achievement

At last we have a decision, Cabinet today approved the Director of ChS and Cabinet Member  John Campion to enter into a contract with Babcock as the preferred service provider. This should not be a surprise to keener observers of Educational matters in Worc’s Schools.

The decision is to be welcomed as it removes the uncertainty we have all felt over the last 18 months or so.

Whilst other ‘commercial’ initiatives and enterprises seek to engage with our Schools Governors and the Governing Bodies in the maintained sector , in particular, should remember that our existing L&A team and the costs thereof are paid for by default and there is no perceived wisdom in paying a subscription to ‘a n other’ enterprise.

Whilst the service meets the need and indeed improves, maintained schools have nothing to fear. Should the service deteriorate however and ‘academisation’ overwhelm the sector be it a MAT or some other form of collaborative entity then the funding critical services we need will be up for change!

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Commissioned Services Tender Halted January 26th 2015

Emails being sent out this afternoon as an advisory read …….Commissioning Tender rethink, tomorrow evenings Consultation should prove interesting, the rumour mill had been churning  for the past few days.

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