Learning And Achievement

At last we have a decision, Cabinet today approved the Director of ChS and Cabinet Member? John Campion to enter into a contract with Babcock as the preferred service provider. This should not be a surprise to keener observers of Educational matters in Worc’s Schools.

The decision is to be welcomed as it removes the uncertainty we have all felt over the last 18 months or so.

Whilst other ‘commercial’ initiatives and enterprises seek to engage with our Schools Governors and the Governing Bodies in the maintained sector , in particular, should remember that our existing L&A team and the costs thereof?are paid for by default and there is no perceived wisdom in paying a subscription to ‘a n other’ enterprise.

Whilst the service meets the need and indeed improves, maintained schools have nothing to fear. Should the service deteriorate however and ‘academisation’ overwhelm the sector be it a MAT or some other form of collaborative entity then the funding critical services we need will be up for change!

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